The 7 Words sellers hate.

We are staying with what we have.

You go through the sales process – From Discovery to Delivery of Recommendations, wait for the decision makers to meet and then you get the 7 words of doom -We Are staying with what we have. NO Decision. UUGH!

FYI, about 60% of Sales Opportunities end up with nothing changing.

Even worse, this is the point where people try to save the deal by discounting and kitchen sinking (throwing everything you have at your disposal) to save the deal, but I am here to tell you, that deal was dead before you spent time doing the proposal because you didn’t find a problem worth fixing.

Deals are lost and won in discovery. Either they have a problem they want to fix – on your way to a win (YAY)- or they don’t. When both buyer and seller agree that they fit in the Don’t have a problem category, you get to deliver the 7 words buyers need to hear, but rarely do:

You should stay with what you have.

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