Selling is Solving

When most of us think about selling, we imagine the overly excited ‘Pitching’ person who corners you in a room and tells you why you need their amazing, world class product or service. Our immediate reaction is to say, “No thanks- I’m good” and run for the hills. Nobody wants to be that kind of sales person, and the good news is, that type of behavior isn’t selling, it’s telling.

At the end of the day, you aren’t selling a product, a service or a solution at all. You are solving a problem that the potential buyer agrees exists, and furthermore, they tell you they want to solve it. Without a problem to solve, there is no sale to be made. The best thing we can do as sellers is to understand everything we can about the problems we solve – How to spot them, What causes them, the impacts they create and how to eliminate them. That is what selling is all about.

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