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With 40 years of Sales and Marketing Experience, I’ve seen it all. I sold stuff before SDR’s, CRM and the Internet.  What I find interesting is that the biggest issue today was the biggest issue way back then… How does a Sales Person build enough trust with a buyer so they can collaborate on finding a solution to a business problem.

My approach to sales starts with understanding what problem your product or solution solves, and then learning how to diagnose whether your potential clients have that problem, and want to solve it… With you.  

If you want to Shorten your Sales Cycle and stop losing to the status quo, then maybe it’s time to learn how to sell the way clients want to buy.

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Hate Rejection? No Problem!

Read that again. If you are getting a lot of no thank you’s, not interested and I’ve got that handled, it’s because you aren’t able to find and solve your buyers issues.

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Long Sales Cycles
Losing to the status quo
Deals going dark
If you want to sell more, you need to

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5 star rating
Kirsten’s coaching transformed my sales approach completely. I now close deals faster and more effectively.
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