Who do I want to help?

Working for yourself is hard. If you don’t like the pay, the hours, the job or your boss, the only thing you can do is look in the mirror and say, “It’s my fault”. I don’t think anyone goes into business for themselves and decides to deal with clients that they don’t get along with and taking on projects that they don’t really enjoy doing, but If you don’t have a clear idea on who your dream client is, you will build a practice full of nightmare customers, leading to stress and burnout before you finish your first year in business.

We have all heard that we need to pick a niche, yet most of us resist doing so. Yes, I get you can help anybody with anything and you don’t want to limit yourself- blah, blah, blah, however…if you think it’s hard to find a needle in a haystack, it’s a lot harder to find it if you don’t even know what you are looking for.

This is your business, so make it good! Here are a few things to consider:

Who do I want to work with?

Business owners? Students? Golfers? Homeowners? Do you want to take on the tough cases that test your abilities, or are you looking for some easier problems to solve that open the door to tackling bigger projects down the road? Are you a relationship builder or a super-hero that swoops in and saves the day?

What are you really good at and it inspires you?

You want to make sure that you are targeting work that excites you… You know you can do a good job, but it puts you right at the edge of your comfort zone.

Who do I know that can help me get to my ideal client?

If you are affiliated with a group of people that you know, can you offer your services to them? After all, they already know, like and trust you in one context, so you already have one foot in the door.

You are not choosing this niche forever.

Just remember that you are not setting your services in stone, as you gain experience, your skills and expertise will grow and evolve along with the marketplace, keeping your business relevant and thriving for years to come.

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